New Forest Farm – Bristol Tastings!

Modern diets are heavily consolidated. A handful of staple crops dominate global food trade.

We can help the planet by ensuring we have biodiversity in food production.

Much of our Earth is dedicated to agriculture, farming practice change has real consequences for the land.

Two workers at the entrance to Hive 3

At a time of impending environmental collapse the preservation of biodiversity is essential. We must assert botanical variety over the native status quo. Climate change demands the adoption of different species.

These motivating reasons drove the creation of Forest Larder, we are committed to being an advocate for exotic variety and deep ecosystems in food production.

Our agricultural philosophy is centred around foresting perennial plant species, we believe these installations to be optimal when prioritising biodiversity and resilience over profit.

Forest Larder’s first site is in the Mendip Hills AONB, south of Bristol. We will release our first products in Spring 2020. The seasonal nature of edible forests means small batch product releases. The ability to constantly evolve our offerings is an exciting prospect.

Our ambition is to release various smooth preserves, ferments, syrups and beehive products.

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