Forest Larder Limited was founded in early 2019 by Christopher Sai Eccles.

The mission of this company is to produce household consumables from biodiverse perennial farms. The company has two sites:

Willsbridge Hill – a 15 acre grassland site, acquired in January 2020, bordered by Stony Brook which is a tributary of the river Avon. This is the primary development site.

Semi-Ancient Woodland – Approximately 3 acres of mature woodland, acquired in Spring 2019, situated in the Mendip Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, North Somerset. This is where we grow shade loving species.

The belief that farming is a solved task has been pervasive since the Industrial Revolution. This perspective fails to appreciate how much learning is required to turn back the clock on our species’ domination of the Earth’s land and seas. Farming has not been solved, our agricultural activities have come at great environmental cost, the future of our planet depends on the determination of our generation to harmonise humanity and nature.

Isolated systems do not exist, the Earth experiences every act in time, isolated designs are the problem.

Christopher Sai